Monday, October 11, 2010

Before and After Photos

I am still working on improving my photos.  Here are before and after photos I have worked on using Piknic. 



In this photo I tried to give an idea of the size of my pumpkin by using my hand as a reference, worked on the lighting and edited the background with a little blur.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I've been dilly-dallying, trying to not think about this section called "Item Photography" in the Etsy Success for Beginners Sellers guide because I need serious improvement in this area.

There are so many "how-to" photography articles and I get overwhelmed by the details.  Things to consider are...
  • Lighting.  What I remember about this is - natural lighting is best.
  • Background.  I experiment but try to stick with white because when I'm adjusting the image on my photo software, I know my background should be white.  If it turns purple, I know I'm waaaayyyy off from my item's real color.
  • Close-Ups.  I know I should be using macro mode.
  • Angles.  I know taking shots from different angles creates a something that is more interesting.
  • Cropping.  I know nothing.
  • Grouping.  Just put 'em all together right?
  • Additional Photos.  The customer needs to know what he/she is buying so the additional photos should give an idea of size, texture, smell...  I definitely need improvement in this area. 
  • Upselling.  Is there something else in my store that will go good with this purchase?  Hmmm...I mention getting a gift box.  I'm sure I can work on this part while actually having fun.
  • Editing.  Need help.  The article mentions Piknic, Picasa and Gimp.  I've tried Piknic and Picasa.  Maybe I can learn Gimp.
I like to blame my ugly photos on my modest point and shoot camera.  Should I invest in a camera that is more "professional"?  Well, I will work on my photography techniques and let you know if I was able to follow these tips and make any improvements on my photos.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Halloween Treasury

I feel soo honored that My Hobby Shop felt my little pumpkin charm was up to snuff to be placed in his Happy Halloween Treasury (and right next to the a magnificent Day of the Dead, Paper Mache Mask!).

pumpkin charm 2

This is a wonderful Treasury with the magic and bewitchery of Halloween.  You may also be inclined to visit My Hobby Shop's Etsy store to see the array of glamourous merchandise.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Candy Corn Bird

I've been missing my blog this week and haven't had time to create anything new for my shop but this was my latest creation - a little beaded bird charm in candy corn colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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