Friday, October 8, 2010


I've been dilly-dallying, trying to not think about this section called "Item Photography" in the Etsy Success for Beginners Sellers guide because I need serious improvement in this area.

There are so many "how-to" photography articles and I get overwhelmed by the details.  Things to consider are...
  • Lighting.  What I remember about this is - natural lighting is best.
  • Background.  I experiment but try to stick with white because when I'm adjusting the image on my photo software, I know my background should be white.  If it turns purple, I know I'm waaaayyyy off from my item's real color.
  • Close-Ups.  I know I should be using macro mode.
  • Angles.  I know taking shots from different angles creates a something that is more interesting.
  • Cropping.  I know nothing.
  • Grouping.  Just put 'em all together right?
  • Additional Photos.  The customer needs to know what he/she is buying so the additional photos should give an idea of size, texture, smell...  I definitely need improvement in this area. 
  • Upselling.  Is there something else in my store that will go good with this purchase?  Hmmm...I mention getting a gift box.  I'm sure I can work on this part while actually having fun.
  • Editing.  Need help.  The article mentions Piknic, Picasa and Gimp.  I've tried Piknic and Picasa.  Maybe I can learn Gimp.
I like to blame my ugly photos on my modest point and shoot camera.  Should I invest in a camera that is more "professional"?  Well, I will work on my photography techniques and let you know if I was able to follow these tips and make any improvements on my photos.

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