Thursday, July 1, 2010

3D Pikachu

I love origami, also known as Japanese paper folding.  Recently I began doing modular origami designs.  Modular origami reminds me of Legos.  It involves using a folded paper as a building block to create a more complex structure.  Here is my first modular "animal".  It's Pikachu from Pokemon.

I did not have the right colored paper to make Pikachu's details such as the stripes on his back and black ear tips so I compromised by cutting and pasting pieces of paper in some areas and coloring the paper with markers in other areas.  The rest of the paper is plain yellow copier paper.  Without the smaller details, Pikachu looks like a pineapple.   Here is a photo of my favorite 3D modular design that I saw on Etsy (and really inexpensive for all that hard work!)
The entire process to complete a modular design is looong because you spend most of your time making the tiny shapes that become the building blocks of your structure. Once you're done with that, the fun starts and you get to create your piece!


Learn how to make 3D origami3D Origami: Step-by-Step Illustrations

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