Friday, August 26, 2011

Other Places to Find Me

Please visit my web site for updates.  I'm also on Twitter and of course, you''l find me on Handmade + Cute, Etsy. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Special Bead Project

Hi. My mom is working on a special bead project so I'm (her daughter) taking over for her. She is working very hard on the project.

        Here is a picture of the special bead project she is working on.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Charm for the Arkansas Razorbacks (and a friend)

I have a customer who has more faith in me than I have in myself.  She inspires me with creative ideas and opens me up to trying new designs.  She is patient, kind, always positive and encouraging.  She has a beautiful soul.

Recently she asked me to create a charm for the fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  With butterflies in my belly, I agreed to this latest challenge.  Now these Arkansas hogs are very mean looking and finding cuteness in their frightening faces seemed impossible.  I almost gave up before I started!  The cutest boar that I could find was the tusked red mascot that prances around at sporting events and that became my model for the Arkansas Razorbacks beaded charm.   Here is my interpretation.  I hope she likes...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pumpkin Earrings

This little pumpkin design appeared in an Etsy Treasury last Halloween next to some incredible work...I was so excited and flattered! It was a "Happy Halloween" Treasury that included undiscovered shops (shops that had less than 20 sales).   I'm no longer in the "undiscovered" category but still have a long way to go and I thank all of you out there for being HERE right now.

Beaded Pumpkin Earrings

This year, I recreated the design in the form of earrings.  The process involves stringing beads around a round base.  It is a simple and fun design.  Imagine what can be created using different colored beads!  This pumpkin earring is today's listing in my shop, Handmade + Cute.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spiders That Hate Me!

These spiders hate me!  I don't know why!!!  I've treated these creepy creatures with love; I've shown great care in its design and the bead weaving technique but the process has been riddled with challenges.  I've reworked the pattern several times and persevered through knots and tangled thread.  The design is not new to me and the brick stitch method is one that I am very familiar with, but yet I falter and mess up.  I am finally complete and satisfied with my work.  These arachnids are grinning at me with their menacing fangs on display and I celebrate...too soon!  My blog post is gone...kapoof!

I've gotten the hint you crawly thing so I'm selling you.

Soon on Etsy
Handwoven seed bead spiders.  Stitched with size 11 Japanese seed beads.  Get them as earrings or as a charm.  Needs love.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Little Piggy Charm

This little piggy built her home out of Japanese Toho seed beads that withstood the huff and puff of the wolf's halitosis breath.  After her scary experience, Piggy knows that life is to be enjoyed so she indulges in cheesecake whenever possible.  You can help Piggy live happily ever after - she would love to hang around and charm you all day long.  Adoption information here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Craft: My 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things things about...

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of...

I'm really proud of my Friendship Chips.  This was a simple idea made from chipboard, pretty paper, stickers and glaze.  Although I don't make it much anymore, it still lives on as little tokens of friendship. 

Two Mistakes You've Made In the Past...

1.  I love to bead with tiny seed beads but need good lighting to do so.  I have a hard time putting down my project even when the sun goes down.  More than once I've had to re-string my entire piece because of a mistake I made while doing my work under a reading lamp.

2.  Turn down probably the biggest opportunity I've had to showcase my beadwork. 

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique...

1.  I picture it in my mind and turn it into a beaded character.
2.  I really don't like making the same thing twice unless it is specifically requested.
3.  My kids inspire me with their drive of "just wanting to have fun".  I sometimes turn my childrens' drawings into beaded images because of its innocence and simplicity.

Four Tools You Love To Use...

1.  Crop-A-Dile hole puncher.
2.  Sharp Scissors

3.  Public library for crafty resources.
4.  Toho Seed Beads
5.  Twitter

Five Inspirations

1.  My husband and kids.  My husband has given me the opportunity to do what I really want to do and my kids for their love.  My older daughter "reviews" my product with her honest opinion..."what is that?!"
2.  All you crafters out there with your blogs and web sites.  I immerse myself in your talent and creativity.
3.  Crafty books.  I have an Ondori beadwork, netted beadwork and seed bead book next to me right now.

4.  Customers who place special requests and stretch my imagination while giving me a reason to try something scary and new.
5.  Silly cartoons on TV because they are just so silly!

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