Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thank You!

I've created several account for my various interests, some fleeting, some forgotten, some personal, some business.  I've decided to consolidate and hopefully keep things organized.  I'm still keeping a blog but you can now find me here on Handmade Cuties.

Thanks for your support :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Black Cat Charm for Halloween

I've been anxious to start on the patterns from Barbara Elbe's Beaded Image II book and I'm pleased to say that I just completed my first project using one of her designs.  The pattern is the Persian Cat that I modified by using black and gray seed beads to celebrate Halloween.  Here is my Black Cat charm.

Black Cat Cell Phone Charm

Materials Used:
*Toho size 11 seed beads in jet black, opaque gray, opaque frosted oxblood, silver-lined grayand silver-lined light topaz.
*Fireline 6 lb, smoke
*Cell phone strap
*Aluminum bell

Weaving Technique:  Brick Stitch

Pattern by Barbara Elbe
On sale at Handmade + Cute

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beadwoven Owl Cell Phone Charm

I got side-tracked.  Instead of completing the other side of my fan earring, I worked on a owl charm.  I do that quite often...getting distracted and wanting to start a new design.

Here's my owl:

Beadwoven Owl Cell Phone Charm

Materials Used:
*Toho size 11 seed beads in jet black, opaque terra cotta, opaque oxblood, opaque light beige, opaque lustered pumpkin, opaque green apple, silver-lined green grass.
*Fireline 6 lb, smoke
*Cell phone strap
*Aluminum bell
Weaving Technique:  Brick Stitch

A design by Handmade + Cute.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Beaded Fan Earrings in Autumn Colors

Here is one side of a fan shaped earring that I am making for myself.  I hope to finish the other side soon but right now I'm putting it aside to work on yet another request for the Arkansas Razorback Charm.  “Woo Pig Sooie!"

Materials Used:
*Toho size 11 seed beads in fall colors.
*Toho size 8 seed beads in fall colors.
*Beading wire.
*Fireline 6 lb, smoke
*Surgical steel earwires.
*Jump ring

A design by Carol Huber Cypher

Friday, September 23, 2011

Christmas Tree Earrings

Having my red and green silver-lined beads out, I decided to make more Christmas earrings. 

Christmas Tree Seed Bead Earrings

Christmas Tree Seed Bead Earrings using brick stitch technique.

Beads Used:
* Toho size 11 round seed beads in silver-lined red, green, light frosted topaz. pink, and blue
* Toho size 11 seed beads in silver-lined smoky topaz for the trunk and Toho size 8 opaque sunshine for the tree topper.

Other Material:
* Surgical steel silver ear hooks.
* Jump rings.
* Clear Size B FireLine thread.

* 2.75 cm. in length
* 2.25 cm. at its widest point.
* Dangles appproximately 4.5 cm. from ear hook.

Design by Handmade + Cute

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christmas Ornament Earrings

In my mommy life, I am just starting to think Halloween. In my crafty life, I am already creating for Christmas. Yikes! 

Beaded Christmas Ornament Earrings
Christmas Ornament Beaded Earrings - seed beads woven around a clear acrylic bead core.

Beads Used:
* Toho size 11 round seed beads in silver-lined red, silver-lined green, silver-lined light frosted topaz.
* Toho size 8 seed beads in silver-lined light topaz.
* Clear acrylic round bead for center.

Other Material:
* Surgical steel silver ear hooks.
* Jump rings.
* Clear Size B FireLine thread.

Design inspired by Netted Beadwork, Diane Fitzgerald.

Handmade + Cute!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ROY G BIV - Crafting in Rainbow Colors

Show me your colorful handmade crafts.  Here is mine - an Ojos de Dios (God's Eye) inspired by a tutorial on Etsy.  I can see myself getting addicted to making these!

Share your ROY G BIV rainbow crafts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sale - Arkansas Razorback Charm

Sale on Arkansas Razorback Beadwoven Charm
Sale Price:  $2.20
Original Price: $2.95
You Save: 25%
U.S. Shipping: $1.75
Arkansas Razorback Charm

  • Beadwoven design by Handmade + Cute using size 11 Toho seed beads and Fireline bead thread.
  • Measurement
    • 4.25 cm. at widest point.
    • 4 cm. in height (without hardware)
    • Dangles 6.25 cm. on spring plated spring clasp
You will receive 1 Arkansas Razorback Charm with your order.  Shipping to U.S. only via USPS first class mail.  Come visit my shop at Handmade + Cute, Etsy, for more charms and accessories

Why is this being discounted? 
I beaded this with great care but I wanted the eyebrows to look like this.  Do you see the downward slope? 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Other Places to Find Me

Please visit my web site for updates.  I'm also on Twitter and of course, you''l find me on Handmade + Cute, Etsy. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Special Bead Project

Hi. My mom is working on a special bead project so I'm (her daughter) taking over for her. She is working very hard on the project.

        Here is a picture of the special bead project she is working on.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Charm for the Arkansas Razorbacks (and a friend)

I have a customer who has more faith in me than I have in myself.  She inspires me with creative ideas and opens me up to trying new designs.  She is patient, kind, always positive and encouraging.  She has a beautiful soul.

Recently she asked me to create a charm for the fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  With butterflies in my belly, I agreed to this latest challenge.  Now these Arkansas hogs are very mean looking and finding cuteness in their frightening faces seemed impossible.  I almost gave up before I started!  The cutest boar that I could find was the tusked red mascot that prances around at sporting events and that became my model for the Arkansas Razorbacks beaded charm.   Here is my interpretation.  I hope she likes...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pumpkin Earrings

This little pumpkin design appeared in an Etsy Treasury last Halloween next to some incredible work...I was so excited and flattered! It was a "Happy Halloween" Treasury that included undiscovered shops (shops that had less than 20 sales).   I'm no longer in the "undiscovered" category but still have a long way to go and I thank all of you out there for being HERE right now.

Beaded Pumpkin Earrings

This year, I recreated the design in the form of earrings.  The process involves stringing beads around a round base.  It is a simple and fun design.  Imagine what can be created using different colored beads!  This pumpkin earring is today's listing in my shop, Handmade + Cute.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spiders That Hate Me!

These spiders hate me!  I don't know why!!!  I've treated these creepy creatures with love; I've shown great care in its design and the bead weaving technique but the process has been riddled with challenges.  I've reworked the pattern several times and persevered through knots and tangled thread.  The design is not new to me and the brick stitch method is one that I am very familiar with, but yet I falter and mess up.  I am finally complete and satisfied with my work.  These arachnids are grinning at me with their menacing fangs on display and I celebrate...too soon!  My blog post is gone...kapoof!

I've gotten the hint you crawly thing so I'm selling you.

Soon on Etsy
Handwoven seed bead spiders.  Stitched with size 11 Japanese seed beads.  Get them as earrings or as a charm.  Needs love.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Little Piggy Charm

This little piggy built her home out of Japanese Toho seed beads that withstood the huff and puff of the wolf's halitosis breath.  After her scary experience, Piggy knows that life is to be enjoyed so she indulges in cheesecake whenever possible.  You can help Piggy live happily ever after - she would love to hang around and charm you all day long.  Adoption information here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Craft: My 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things things about...

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of...

I'm really proud of my Friendship Chips.  This was a simple idea made from chipboard, pretty paper, stickers and glaze.  Although I don't make it much anymore, it still lives on as little tokens of friendship. 

Two Mistakes You've Made In the Past...

1.  I love to bead with tiny seed beads but need good lighting to do so.  I have a hard time putting down my project even when the sun goes down.  More than once I've had to re-string my entire piece because of a mistake I made while doing my work under a reading lamp.

2.  Turn down probably the biggest opportunity I've had to showcase my beadwork. 

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique...

1.  I picture it in my mind and turn it into a beaded character.
2.  I really don't like making the same thing twice unless it is specifically requested.
3.  My kids inspire me with their drive of "just wanting to have fun".  I sometimes turn my childrens' drawings into beaded images because of its innocence and simplicity.

Four Tools You Love To Use...

1.  Crop-A-Dile hole puncher.
2.  Sharp Scissors

3.  Public library for crafty resources.
4.  Toho Seed Beads
5.  Twitter

Five Inspirations

1.  My husband and kids.  My husband has given me the opportunity to do what I really want to do and my kids for their love.  My older daughter "reviews" my product with her honest opinion..."what is that?!"
2.  All you crafters out there with your blogs and web sites.  I immerse myself in your talent and creativity.
3.  Crafty books.  I have an Ondori beadwork, netted beadwork and seed bead book next to me right now.

4.  Customers who place special requests and stretch my imagination while giving me a reason to try something scary and new.
5.  Silly cartoons on TV because they are just so silly!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Awwww-inspired Seal Pup Earrings

Seal Pup Beaded Earrings
Awwww....When I see fuzzy, white seal pups on calendar pages, my heart just melts.  Seal pups are the most endearing babies on the universe and I would not be able to call my Etsy shop, Handmade + Cute, if I didn't list a seal pup at one time or another.

With this goal in mind, I created a simple pup pattern on a brick stitch chart and used size 11 Toho seed beads.  I chose three colors for this project - opaque lustered white for the face and body, opaque lustered baby pink for the cheeks and opaque jet black for the eyes and nose.  For this small, lightweight design, I used transparent quilting thread to weave the beads together.  The finished seal pup is attached is surgical steel, nickel free ear wires.

The finished work measures about 1.75 cm. in width and 1.5 cm. in height.  The entire length with the ear wire is about 3 cm.  

I haven't yet listed this in my shop but it should be up soon.  Please stop by and visit me.  


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Netted Beadwork Book

I borrowed a very nice bead book from the public library called Netted Beadwork: A Beadwork How-To Book by Diane Fitzgerald.  I've never worked on netted beading projects before but I want to learn how to make those beautiful and intricate three-dimensional wrapped pieces.  Christmas is coming up and I think it will be nice to give lacey ornaments as handmade keepsake gifts.

I practiced making lace chains and also worked on flowers.  I do wish this book had more instructional photos so I could follow along visually.  I find that I enjoy netted beading and would love to keep this book as a reference but the library is all about "borrowing" so I went to  Hooray, I found the book from an outside seller, unfortunately at a very hefty price of $120.97!  I'm not kidding! 

To perfect my netted beading technique, I'd like to find a good how-to book.  If you could recommend one, I'd be very grateful!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exclusive Handmade Discounts

Heartsy - Exclusive deals on fabulous handmade designer items at members-only prices.
Handmade sellers now offer money saving discounts on their unique products by providing coupon codes and other incentives to buyers.  One site that caters to those who love to buy handmade is called Heartsy.  Heartsy features carefully selected items  that are made by very talented designers.  Buyers within the Heartsy community also have a voice and can help decide which artisan to highlight.

Today I purchased a voucher to receive $10.00 of a $24.00 purchase from SodaCanShop.  There are so many wonderful and amazing recycled jewelry, magnets and ornaments at the SodaCanShop, I know I will have such fun shopping!

I'm happy to extend you an invitation to join Heartsy today and view all the amazing discounted handmade goodies.  Come on by!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Making of a Heart

A very nice customer has asked to me bead her some heart charms in red and pink.  I enjoy making hearts because hearts are sweet expressions of love yet they are relatively simple to make.  Here is how I make my hearts.

My supplies include:

1. My heart pattern.
2. FireLine thread, .006 (4lb. size B).
3. Size 11 Toho seed beads in silver lined ruby, silver lined pink plus a transparent crystal to form the "invisible" loop for hanging.
4. Size 12 bead needles.
5. A felt-like pad for holding my loose beads so the beads don't roll all over the place.

I also need:

5. My old lady reading glasses.
6. Nice Hawaiian sunshine for natural lighting.

The stitch I use to weave the beads together is the brick stitch technique and although I sometimes use quilting thread for stitching, I like FireLine because it is strong and does not stretch; therefore, my project keeps its shape.  FireLine is really a fishing line but it is a staple supply for many beaders.  I buy my FireLine from for its prices and free shipping to Hawaii (hooray!).

I'm lucky to live in Hawaii where there is an abundance of bright beautiful sunshine.  Natural lighting allows me to see the true color of the beads as well as my stitches.  Many times I have tried weaving throughout the night using a lamp or overhead lights only to toss my project away the next day because of mistakes.  I've learned my lesson!

Here are my finished beaded heart charms.

I have 2 more to go but the sun is setting so I'll continue tomorrow. 

Please visit me on Etsy at Handmade + Cute to see the rest of my beaded charms.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jalopy Soup

I'm at my mother-in-law's house.  I smell soup...chicken, ginger and asian-ish things. I see a pot on the stove.  I peek inside.  Yes, soup it is! Looks like shredded bits of roasted chicken, cabbage, carrots, onions, a big chunk of beat up ginger and soggy macaroni that is way past the al dente stage.  I taste.  As usual, despite the unappetizing appearance, the soup is delicious!

My mother-in-law is famous for her mish-mash soups.  She keeps all her leftover food in the freezer until it'soup ready.  Sometimes the food combinations are strange but with her secret whatever it is, she transforms last week's dinner into another delicious meal.

Me:  How did you make this?
MIL: I don't know.  Just leftovers.
Me:  What's in the soup base?
MIL:  No salt.
Me:  What did you add?
MIL:  I don't know. 

I may never duplicate my mother-in-law's soup and will never get her recipe, if there ever is one, but I've managed to create my own strange but true hodgepodge soup from spare parts.  I dare you to taste...My Jalopy Soup!

Jalopy Soup
 - 1 can tomato soup + 1 can water (more if you want it soupier)
- Leftover chili with beans (I love Zippy's but I've used canned also)
- Portuguese sausage from breakfast
- Frozen french fries (cut smaller to look like real potatoes)
- Your choice of vegetables (like corn kernels, tomatoes...)
- Cooked macaroni for the kids' sake
- Sometimes I sneak in a dallop of salsa but the kids don't like it

I toss everything into a pot and bring it to a boil then I simmer my concoction until the frozen fries/vegetables are tender.  We eat this over rice or with crackers.  My husband likes his medley more soupy while I like mines thicker.

I do not claim to be a cook in any shape or form but tee-hee-hee, I've fed this to real people and they still live.

Oh...and no salt.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fire Truck Charms

I have been working on these Fire Trucks and could not decide which one I wanted to list so I decided to list all three.

Here is my fleet of Fire Truck Seed Bead Charms. 

Come check these out at Handmade + Cute, Etsy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Firefighter Helmet, Boots and a Fire Hydrant Charm

These firefighter designs have been made by special request but these handwoven beaded designs will live on and can be yours too.  All accessories may be special ordered if you do not see it in my shop at Handmade + Cute, Etsy.

This firefighter collection includes a helmet...

and a fire hydrant...

Fire Truck and Axe coming soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Brick Stitch Design Book

Here's a fun book that I just purchased from Amazon.  It's called Beaded Images II: Intricate Beaded Jewelry Using Brick Stitch by Barbara Elbe.  The book has great *cute* beaded patterns and instructions to make animals, people and other creative images.

From Amazon...
Get ready to explore an exciting new frontier in bead design! Journey beyond geometric and pictorial patterns to a realm where beads can be sculptured into an unlimited variety of shapes. From birds in flight to rearing horses and clowns with curly, three-dimensional hair, the earrings in this book are truly amazing to behold. Barbara's use of smaller beads (Delica, Hex and 14/° seed beads) allows the creation of amazing design detail in earrings which are small, light in weight, and very original in appearance... read more...
The reviews are positive and I agree.  I'm happy to have made the purchase and very excited to try out some of the designs. Go check it out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pug Charm

Those who know a pug, know that there is much in this little dog. A great friend and companion, carry this cute pug seed bead charm with you wherever you go.

Handmade with Japanese seed beads, this pug measures 2.5 cm. at its widest point and 2.75 cm. in height, without hardware. The charm is attached to a silver spring clasp and is accented with a tiny aluminum bell. The total length of the pug charm, with clasp, is approximately 4.75 cm.

I'm happy to say that this pug will be adopted soon but if you want to place an order for the next litter, visit me at Handmade + Cute, Etsy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cheerleader Charm


Cheerleader Seed Bead charm - a perky and cute cheerleader with her festive pom-poms.

Handmade with Japanese seed beads in turquoise, brown, beige, silver-lined aquamarine and gray, The pom-pom is layered for a shiny 3D effect. The charm is attached to a silver spring clasp and accented with a little red bell.

Available at Handmade + Cute, Etsy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Santa Cell Phone Charm

Yeah, yeah...I know!  I, too, get a little bothered when I see Christmas decorations up in the shopping malls when we haven't celebrated Halloween yet. But I'm getting into to the spirit of Christmas in July and added a Santa Cell Phone Charm to my shop.

Bah Humbug to you too!

Pearly Dew Bracelet

See Pearly Dew Bracelet and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

A bracelet that I would love to make one day!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hamster Cell Phone Charm

When I think of rodents, I think of beady eyes and nasty gnawing teeth. This hamster, however, is a different type of rodent - a handbeaded seed bead charm that is so domesticated and tame that it will hang out on your cell phone or anywhere you want it to be.

Sweet and enjoyable, this hamster is carefully beaded with Japanese seed beads and measures 3 cm. in width and 3 cm. in height. The charm is attached to a yellow cell phone strap and includes a tiny aluminum bell. This cute accessory has a total length that is approximately 9 cm.

Available on Etsy, Handmade + Cute!

Feather Earrings

Thank goodness I didn't need to pluck any birds to create this feather earrings!  These are handmade seed bead feather earrings that won't tickle your ear.  They are lightweight and fun to wear!

Hand beaded with Japanese seed beads in shiny metallic colors, these cute earrings measure 1.5 cm. at its widest point and 3.5 cm. in length (without hardware). Dangles about 5.25 cm. from a surgical steel, silver plated earwire that is nickel free for sensitive ears.

Find it here on Etsy, Handmade + Cute.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Squid Earrings

I won't ink on you! I'm cute li'l squid earrings. Imagine me dangling from your ears! Handwoven with tiny Japanese seed beads on surgical steel, silver plated earwires. Nickel free for sensitive ears.

The handmade cute squids measure 1.75 cm. at its widest point and 3.5 cm. in length without earwires. Total length with earwires is approx. 5 cm.

Available on Handmade + Cute, Etsy.

Lanterns of Love

I "un-vacationed" my Etsy shop so now it's back online and open for business. I've been able to work on a few new beaded designs but my vacation goal was to complete my order for the "Lanterns of Love" charity listing.

Originally called, Lanterns for Japan, I changed the name to Lanterns of Love - inspired by a wonderful customer. Now, when you make a lantern purchase, you can choose to make a donation to the Japan Relief Effort (Japan Red Cross Society) or the American Red Cross relief efforts in Alabama (Madison/Marshall County, Alabama, American Red Cross Chapter).  

The American Red Cross Disaster Relief enables the Red Cross to provide assistance  to victims of the U.S. tornado disaster.  Alabama was the hardest hit state.  The Red Cross has served meals, provided shelter, supplied clean-up, comfort kits and health services to those affected by the loss and destruction of the storm.  On rare occasions, donations may exceed the expenses for a specific disaster and in this case, contributions are used to serve those affected by other disasters.  To learn more about the American Red Cross relief efforts in Alabama, please visit or call 256-536-0084.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Summer Kisses

Summer is officially here in our household and we're running around in circles, chasing our wiggly tail.  I'm placing my Handmade + Cute Etsy shop on vacation while I adjust to our crazy new activity that often gets me dizzy!  I hope to be back soon with a clearer mind and better focus.  Thanks so much for your patience and support.

Sending you sweet summer thoughts.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Temperamental Siamese Kitty Charm

Temperamental Siamese Kitty Charm
with Cell Phone Strap

Siamese cats may be a little loud and temperamental but legend has it that these kitties ward away evil spirits and bring you good luck. Boost your odds of a lucky day with this Siamese Kitty Seed Bead Charm handmade by weaving tiny size 11 Japanese seed beads into this cute design. Looks great on a cell phone, keychain, bag and more!

Kitty measures 2.5 cm. in width and 3.5 cm. in height from tip of ears to bottom of floral collar. The flower on kitty's collar is a shiny glass bead. The charm is attached to a bright green 5.5 cm. cell phone strap and incliudes a coordinating chiming bell.

You will receive 1 Siamese Kitty Charm with your order but if you want more, please feel free to let me know. Strap and bell colors may differ.

Please remember that items in this store are not toys and not for young children. Jewelry is recommended for ages 12 +. Charms are recommended for ages 6+.

Have a question?
Contact me
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Sweet Beagle Seed Bead Charm

Handmade + Cute
Sweet Beagle Seed Bead Charm
with Cell Phone Strap

I'm a hound dog. awhoo wooo wooo! How about some little TLC doggie daycare for this loving and gentle Beagle? This sweet Beagle seed bead charm represents a sociable, brave and intelligent friend - a perfect gift! Works well on a cell phone, bag, backpack, keychain and more.

The charm is carefully hand beaded with size 8 Japanese seed beads and measures 3 cm. wide and 2.25 cm. height. The charm is attached to a yellow cell phone strap that measures. 5.5 cm in lenght and includes a tiny bell.

You will receive 1 Beagle Charm with your order but if you want more, please feel free to let me know. Strap and bell colors may differ.

Please remember that items in this store are not toys and not for young children. Jewelry is recommended for ages 12 +. Charms are recommended for ages 6+.

Have a question?
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Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lanterns for Japan

I have decided what I want to do with these hand beaded lanterns that I have been making.  These are my Lanterns for Japan and will be sold in my Handmade + Cute Etsy shop.  100% of the profit received from the sale of these lanterns will be donated to one of the following organizations.

1. Direct Relief International, 27 South La Patera Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93117
tel: (805) 964-4767  fax: (805) 681-4838  EIN: 95-1831116.

*Read more about Direct Relief International on the Charity Navigator web site.  The independent, non-profit organization that evaluates American charities.
*To find out more about Direct Relief International or to make donations, visit the web site here.
*Find out how Direct Relief International is helping Japan by going to this link.

2. Japan-America Society of Hawaii, P.O. Box 1412, Honolulu, Hawaii 96806-1412
Phone (808) 524-4450, Fax (808) 524-4451, email:

*Those in Hawaii may have heard about the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) through the popular statewide charity campaign called "Aloha For Japan".  JASH is partnering with Japanese disaster relief agencies and has identified the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) as the recipient organization.
*Visit the JASH web site and read more about the organization here.
*Read more about how JASH is helping with the Japan disaster relief here and find out the latest news here.
*Keep up with JASH on Facebook.

I chose both these organization for its reputation and because both charities have indicated that they are committed to using all designated funds toward the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster effort.
I'll be listing my lanterns shortly, come by and visit my shop.  Thanks so much for your support!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Building A Strong Business Family

Steps to Enchantment...
  • Smile big (when you pick the kids up from school)
  • Dress appropriately (Don't wear your teenage daughter's midriff t-shirt)
  • Reduce the number of choices (chocolate milk or juice)
  • Find shared passions (crafting)

I'm a mom first and then I'm an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-dreaming-to-grow-my-business-crafter-on-Etsy so when I read Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, I immediately related it to my family.  If building a thriving business is like investing in my happy family, then I'm all for it!

As opposed to the "dog eat dog" mentality, Guy Kawasaki writes about building strong, trusting, positive relationships with your customers, employees and your boss.  Done right, it will create a connection that will bond you to "dream the same dream".   It seems simple enough with the strategies Mr. Kawasaki suggests but I'm sure it takes commitment, practice, mistakes & corrections. 

Enchantment by Guy KawasakiChapters 1 through 9 in the book spoke directly to me and each "how to" step is something I can practice today and will be relevant in the tomorrows to come.  The following chapters that deal with employees and bosses, well I'm not quite there yet.  If my desire to build a business is as strong as my pledge to raise a happy family then eventually I'll be referencing the later chapters too.  This book is a keeper...come back and meet my employees in a few years, okay?

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