Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Canned Food Cook

So I'm not a great cook.  But with a little imagination,  I can sure fancy up something canned, frozen and pre-made that my kids love.  I'm that "semi-homemade" type.

Last night, we had "Sushi Bar Night" where we all made our own temaki or hand roll sushi.  The spread included the all important nori (Japanese seaweed) and rice (nice and sticky).  I filled the condiment tray full of crab sticks (imitation), cucumber strips, sweet corn kernels, strips of scrambled eggs and tuna salad.  We had miso soup and apple slices on the side.

While DD1 stuffed her rolls with all the ingredients at once, DD2 selectively combined hers.

So while I am not a very good cook, I am happy to say that I am a great "pretender".

Here is a blog link I stumbled across that has instructions on how to make your own sushi roll. How to Make Japanese Temaki Zushi.

Enjoy and have fun with your family!

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