Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BrytonPick Review

Have you ever come out of a restaurant with a yucky feeling of food stuck between your floss, no toothpick and a chunky piece of dinner right there so you used a safety pin, or a paper clip or something else to floss that food out?  Disgusting, unsafe but sometimes...true!

True for me so I am happy for the opportunity to review BrytonPick.

What is BrytonPick? 
BrytonPick is a safe, reusable, convenient and discreet on the go dental tool designed to remove food debris and plaque from between your teeth after eating.  It is made in the USA from recyclable material and has a germ resistant steel cleaning strip that can be reused for up to 30 days.  It comes in a portable credit card size carry pouch.

Now to share my thoughts on BrytonPick.

I Like that it is ...

- Pretty! Comes in yellow, orange, green, pink...and more.
- Portable and Convenient!  It is small and flat so you can stick in into your purse or wallet and it comes in a sturdy plastic pouch.
- Reusable!  Clean it with a tissue and use for up to 30 days.  The pick is on both sides so you do have more than one use if you decide not to store it.
- Hygienic!  I'm happy to know that it has germ resistant stainless steel strips.
- Easy to Use!  I read the directions and went to the web site to watch a "how to use" video just to be safe but it is very easy to use.  Thin, flexible and easy to reach my back teeth.
- Discreet!  Not like messy flossing and more stylish than a toothpick.

I Don't Like that ...

- it didn't slide smoothly between all of my teeth like floss does.
- steel feeling between my teeth.
- the steel strip can cut your lips if you are not careful.  I wouldn't let my children use this.

Final thoughts:

Before I give my final thoughts, I will share a little about me because everything is relative.  I'm a frugal, "one size fits all" mom who will make everyone in the household use the Spider Man bandages I purchased on sale for a great price. With BrytonPicks, my "likes" are more than my "don't likes" but my dislikes have a lot to do with comfort and safety which are quite important to me and I would hesitate to buy for that reason.  For convenience, this is great  - perfect to use when the popcorn gets stuck between my teeth during the movies and for that, I would be very happy to always have a BrytonPick in my bag.

You may want to check out BrytonPicks for yourself becaus it may be exactly what YOU are looking for.  Here is the web site link  >>

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