Friday, July 22, 2011

The Making of a Heart

A very nice customer has asked to me bead her some heart charms in red and pink.  I enjoy making hearts because hearts are sweet expressions of love yet they are relatively simple to make.  Here is how I make my hearts.

My supplies include:

1. My heart pattern.
2. FireLine thread, .006 (4lb. size B).
3. Size 11 Toho seed beads in silver lined ruby, silver lined pink plus a transparent crystal to form the "invisible" loop for hanging.
4. Size 12 bead needles.
5. A felt-like pad for holding my loose beads so the beads don't roll all over the place.

I also need:

5. My old lady reading glasses.
6. Nice Hawaiian sunshine for natural lighting.

The stitch I use to weave the beads together is the brick stitch technique and although I sometimes use quilting thread for stitching, I like FireLine because it is strong and does not stretch; therefore, my project keeps its shape.  FireLine is really a fishing line but it is a staple supply for many beaders.  I buy my FireLine from for its prices and free shipping to Hawaii (hooray!).

I'm lucky to live in Hawaii where there is an abundance of bright beautiful sunshine.  Natural lighting allows me to see the true color of the beads as well as my stitches.  Many times I have tried weaving throughout the night using a lamp or overhead lights only to toss my project away the next day because of mistakes.  I've learned my lesson!

Here are my finished beaded heart charms.

I have 2 more to go but the sun is setting so I'll continue tomorrow. 

Please visit me on Etsy at Handmade + Cute to see the rest of my beaded charms.

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