Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Netted Beadwork Book

I borrowed a very nice bead book from the public library called Netted Beadwork: A Beadwork How-To Book by Diane Fitzgerald.  I've never worked on netted beading projects before but I want to learn how to make those beautiful and intricate three-dimensional wrapped pieces.  Christmas is coming up and I think it will be nice to give lacey ornaments as handmade keepsake gifts.

I practiced making lace chains and also worked on flowers.  I do wish this book had more instructional photos so I could follow along visually.  I find that I enjoy netted beading and would love to keep this book as a reference but the library is all about "borrowing" so I went to  Hooray, I found the book from an outside seller, unfortunately at a very hefty price of $120.97!  I'm not kidding! 

To perfect my netted beading technique, I'd like to find a good how-to book.  If you could recommend one, I'd be very grateful!

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