Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Craft: My 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things things about...

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of...

I'm really proud of my Friendship Chips.  This was a simple idea made from chipboard, pretty paper, stickers and glaze.  Although I don't make it much anymore, it still lives on as little tokens of friendship. 

Two Mistakes You've Made In the Past...

1.  I love to bead with tiny seed beads but need good lighting to do so.  I have a hard time putting down my project even when the sun goes down.  More than once I've had to re-string my entire piece because of a mistake I made while doing my work under a reading lamp.

2.  Turn down probably the biggest opportunity I've had to showcase my beadwork. 

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique...

1.  I picture it in my mind and turn it into a beaded character.
2.  I really don't like making the same thing twice unless it is specifically requested.
3.  My kids inspire me with their drive of "just wanting to have fun".  I sometimes turn my childrens' drawings into beaded images because of its innocence and simplicity.

Four Tools You Love To Use...

1.  Crop-A-Dile hole puncher.
2.  Sharp Scissors

3.  Public library for crafty resources.
4.  Toho Seed Beads
5.  Twitter

Five Inspirations

1.  My husband and kids.  My husband has given me the opportunity to do what I really want to do and my kids for their love.  My older daughter "reviews" my product with her honest opinion..."what is that?!"
2.  All you crafters out there with your blogs and web sites.  I immerse myself in your talent and creativity.
3.  Crafty books.  I have an Ondori beadwork, netted beadwork and seed bead book next to me right now.

4.  Customers who place special requests and stretch my imagination while giving me a reason to try something scary and new.
5.  Silly cartoons on TV because they are just so silly!

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