Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Spiders That Hate Me!

These spiders hate me!  I don't know why!!!  I've treated these creepy creatures with love; I've shown great care in its design and the bead weaving technique but the process has been riddled with challenges.  I've reworked the pattern several times and persevered through knots and tangled thread.  The design is not new to me and the brick stitch method is one that I am very familiar with, but yet I falter and mess up.  I am finally complete and satisfied with my work.  These arachnids are grinning at me with their menacing fangs on display and I celebrate...too soon!  My blog post is gone...kapoof!

I've gotten the hint you crawly thing so I'm selling you.

Soon on Etsy
Handwoven seed bead spiders.  Stitched with size 11 Japanese seed beads.  Get them as earrings or as a charm.  Needs love.

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  1. this collection of design are super and very nice post. new design are very good. all collections are pretty good..and all the best for your future designs..


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