Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Etsy Journey-ing

Thank you everyone who entered my first giveaway contest.  Eclairre (cute name) was announced the winner and she has already received her prize - the spiral rope bracelet.  I'm happy to say that Eclairre emailed me to say that she is very pleased with her prize.  

The contest was a lot of fun and it did bring more visitors to my blog and shop.  I think having my post featured on the Etsy Giveaways and By Hand Giveaways blogs helped to get the word out.  I was shivering in my seat thinking I would not get any contest participants but I am happy with the 9 entries I did receive.  

Here are my questions about this experience:  
  • Why did I get visitors to my post yet the visitor chose not to enter the contest when winning was sooo easy?
    • Is it because my product is undesirable?
    • Is it too much work to enter? (but then other sites using the same entry methods get tons of  entries.)
    • Is it a security/privacy issue?
    • Some other reason?
If you have any thoughts/answers/advice for me, I'd love to hear from you.  Think I'll go work on a bracelet now.  Here is my latest on Etsy.

Spiral Rope Bracelet, Turquoise/Black



  1. Here are some of my thoughts on why I don't enter a contest, although they don't necessarily relate to your particular giveaway (which was very pretty):

    - If I have to leave my email address in the comment section, I won't enter
    - I may like the prize but not love it. If it seems there might be another giveaway in the future, I'll hold out for something I do love. That way I don't "waste" a winning entry. Does that make sense? This is particular true when a site offers multiple prizes, ie a prize a day.
    - Sometimes I mean to enter and then get distracted or forget (old age does that to you...I mean me!)

  2. thanks so much for your feedback. you make perfect sense...especially the old age part (applies to me)


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