Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twilight Themed Gifts

I'm on an Eclipse high!  Ever since watching the latest Twilight saga movie, I've been fixated with creating Twilight themed crafts.  It would be great to give my Team Edward and Team Jacob buddies a gift of friendship and appreciation that would also remind them of their favorite vampire or wolf.

I made Friendship Chips (which is my all time favorite craft) and added Edward and Jacob images on one chip to commemorate their Eclipse alliance.  My Friendship Chip instructions are found here.

Now I wanted something to make it a little more fun so I got an apple, wrapped it in cellophane and added the Friendship Chip.  Eat the apple and keep the chip.

Alright so most people associate the apple with Edward and Bella's forbidden love.  So possibly wrap applesauce to represent Jacob's conflict with Edward...?  For Bella fans, I have this.

The apple with a bite in it.

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