Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wrapping It Up

Am I the only mom in the world who is not competent at multi-tasking?  It seems like once the "I'm pregnant!" mindset kicks in, the women I know seem to go on auto pilot and show such efficiency at getting things done (all at the same time). By the time baby is born, warming the bottle, changing the poopy diaper, answering the phone and feeding the pets can be done all in one breath - no sweat!  When baby 2, 3, 4, 5 comes along, multi-tasking is a way of life.

Good thing for me, I stopped at #2 because I am a big ZERO+ at multi-tasking.  I try but when I do, you may find the tooth paste in the freezer, Portuguese sausage charred, cup of coffee lost (oh the horror!) and the cat?  Hmmmm...I think she is in the washer.  Add whining kids to the picture and I'm a mess!

That is where crafting comes in.  Crafting gives me time to focus on what I love and it keeps me sane.  Once a month, I like to spend time "Wrapping It Up".  That is when I take care of loose ends so I can clear my mind. Today is Wrapping It Up day for me.

Here goes...

1. Please comment on my "Why I Love My Toyota" post and enter to win a $5 gift certificate from my Etsy shop.   I inadvertently deleted a bunch of my Etsy listings during one of my oops moments but I'm re listing so more items will be up soon.

(update: the campaign has been suspended so the post has been removed from my blog.)

2.  Glue Dots and TwitterMoms gave me bunch of free glue dots so I could work on a summer project and blog about it.  I consolidated my blogs and in the process, the link to my Glue Dots post went to blogger heaven.  I sooo appreciate my Glue Dots and would like you to go to this link so you can read all the summer projects ideas.

More wrapping it up to do so Aloha for now.  Have a great day everyone.

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